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Welcome to the first GM Homes Partnership newsletter

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

We are delighted to issue our first GM Homes Partnership Newsletter!  As we approach the end of the first year of the programme we are beginning to understand the impact of the SIB across Greater Manchester and wanted to share our experience with colleagues across the sector. We were inundated with referrals in the first 6 months of the programme quickly taking us beyond the anticipated cohort of 200 to 450.

This meant referrals had to close much earlier than anticipated but enabled us to help more people and apply for additional funding from MHCLG to expand each delivery partner team to meet the unprecedented need.

There have been some lessons learnt along the way but to date we have accommodated 151 individuals into their own homes with another 40 due to move in the next few weeks. Tenancies have been sustained and although some have had their individual challenges, participants are mostly engaging well with their Engagement Workers and realising their ambition and potential.

Engagement remains positive some are beginning to return to the job market undertaking volunteering and paid roles a year ahead of anticipated targets and others are successfully addressing health, drug and alcohol issues to support long term independence.

Over the coming newsletters we will highlight our learning, systemic testing pilots & collaborations and celebrate the achievements of our passionate and dedicated delivery teams and participants.


News Stories


Unfortunately, for some entrenched rough sleepers, drug addiction is a common problem. Paul* was referred to GM Homes Partnership delivery partner Great Places by the Oldham Community Drug Team.

Paul had unfortunately become dependent on drugs and his health was declining due to his habit and from living on the streets.

Through the success of the GM Homes Partnership, Paul is now fully engaged with his GP, and is attending the pharmacy to collect his medication.

He’s liaising with his local Community Drug Team, and is being support by family members to sustain his tenancy, and live a happy and healthy life. Here is Paul’s story.

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