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Helping rough sleepers in Greater Manchester

The Greater Manchester Homes Partnership (GMHP) is an innovative new programme designed to tackle homelessness in Greater Manchester.


We will work with entrenched rough sleepers over a three-year period to get them off the streets and help them build a new life. That means providing the intensive emotional and practical support they need to maintain successful tenancies, and to access appropriate health, training and employment services.


GMHP is a unique collaboration between local housing providers, social investors and three leading homelessness charities. It is part of a wider strategy for tackling homelessness in the region, which includes programmes designed to prevent people become homeless and to provide support quickly if they do become homeless.

How it works 

Greater Manchester Homes Partnership
Who we want to help 


The programme is designed to help ‘entrenched rough sleepers’ – i.e. individuals who have slept rough at least six times in the past two years and/or are well known to homelessness services – to make real and lasting changes.


We believe in second chances, because we believe that everyone wants and deserves a genuine chance to change their lives. So previous exclusions are not an immediate barrier to accessing the GHMP programme.

GM Homes Partnership talks to BBC Radio Manchester
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