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Case Studies

GM Homes Partnership - Great Places

Working with health and housing to overcome addiction



Unfortunately, for some entrenched rough sleepers, drug addiction is a common problem. Paul* was referred to GM Homes Partnership delivery partner Great Places by the Oldham Community Drug Team. Paul had unfortunately become dependent on drugs and his health was declining due to his habit and from living on the streets.  

Great Places carried out the initial health assessment at Salford Royal Hospital, and Paul was admitted for several months due to a serious leg infection. He was supported in attending amputee clinic appointments as there was a high possibility of him losing both his legs.  

One of the core aims of the Social Impact Bond (SIB) is to establish connections between homeless support services and public services such as the health service and custody. Through Great Places, we were able to liaise with a hospital social worker to ensure that Paul was placed in suitable temporary accommodation once he was ready to leave the hospital, as previously, he had returned to rough sleeping following hospital discharge. This put his health at further risk, and we wanted to avoid this from happening. 

Through another of our housing provider partners – First Choice Homes Oldham – Paul was offered a property to view, but he declined the offer as he felt it was unsuitable for his needs.  First Choice Homes Oldham always work with a personalised approach, and are committed to re-housing individuals in areas and properties which are specific to their needs.  

Paul’s temporary accommodation – a residential care home funded by Social Services – was coming to an end as the funding had been exhausted. However, we worked hard to align timings to move him into a permanent home, and were notified that a property had recently become available in a neighbouring town. There was a concern from the GM Homes Partnership that he may feel isolated moving to a new town, but after speaking with the Paul’s sister, we felt confident that the move would have positive outcomes and help him to have a fresh start.  

When someone is on the SIB program, it’s crucial that they make their own choices, and have control over their circumstances. In this case, Paul was pleased with the flat on offer, and was supported in the move to his new home by family members.  

Through the success of the GM Homes Partnership, Paul is now fully engaged with his GP, and is attending the pharmacy to collect his medication. He’s liaising with his local Community Drug Team, and is being support by family members to sustain his tenancy, and live a happy and healthy life. 

*Not his real name

Photo Credit @darryl.kinney

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