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Photo Credit @Darryl.kinney

GM Homes Partnership - Shelter

How Self-determination is crucial for entrenched rough sleepers

Steve*, a 61 year old gentleman was rough sleeping in Manchester, had been known to homelessness services for a number of years. Shelter case workers undertook outreach across Manchester to find him and ask if he wanted to be part of the Social Impact Bond (SIB). His physical needs made him unable to work, and with difficulty in accessing state support, the situation spiralled and led to him being evicted from his home.  

When our team at the GM Homes Partnership began working with Steve, we conducted a wellbeing assessment to determine his personal needs. The case workers at Shelter secured him temporary accommodation at the Stop Start Go hostel. This allowed him the time and the space needed to move off the streets and consider what kind of permanent home would suit him best and allow him to get his life back on track.  

Through the GM Homes Partnership, Steve was offered three properties to view, and ultimately chose a home in Hulme, managed by housing and community service provider One Manchester.  

Since starting the SIB program, Steve spent time thinking about what he wanted to achieve and with support has improved his own wellbeing through taking part in community activities, and even undertaking a training course in digital skills. Thanks to the collaborative approach to working, our partners were able to reduce the need to stay in temporary accommodation for an extended period of time, and move Steve into a long term home as quickly as possible.  

One of the crucial parts of the SIB is the personalised service participants receive. By giving Steve a choice of three different properties, it allowed him a choice, and the chance to have some self-determination. He’s been living in his accommodation since April, and is excited about building a new life in his community.  

*Not his real name 

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