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Case Studies

GM Homes Partnership -  Shelter

Personalised outreach means that we help the right people, at the right time



GM Homes Partnership delivery partner, Shelter, knew of a gentleman called Robert* who had been living on the street on and off for over 17 years. He had been in care as a child, and when he left the care system, he was without stability and found himself lost and alone.  

Although Robert had some good experiences in life, and even became a father, he involved himself in offending behaviour and spent some time in custody. After developing a dependency on alcohol, which he relied upon to help himself deal with the pain he’d experienced in earlier life, he lost contact with his children. His physical ailments had deteriorated from living on the streets, and when speaking to the Social Impact Bond (SIB) case workers, he said: “I am too old to live like this”. 

He was approached by Shelter case workers, told about the SIB, and asked if he would be interested in being involved in the program. Once he accepted, he underwent a wellbeing assessment and was given intensive support by the staff at Shelter to start dealing with his dependencies.  

Through the GM Homes Partnership’s collaborative way of working, we were able to offer Robert his own home in Manchester. One of our housing provider members, Mosscare St Vincents, were very keen to help him, going above and beyond to make him feel at home in his new property and supporting him to choose his own carpets and appliances.  

Robert is now accessing self-help workshops in his new community, and has received the medical attention he needs to rebuild his life. He’s currently living in his first stable home in 17 years, and is able to start to address his health issues. The choices he has made, and the support from the GM Homes Partnership has allowed him to work towards re-establishing positive contact with his children.  

"I can't thank Shelter enough for what they have done for me. It's not easy and I have bad days but thank you for sticking with me" – Robert 

*Not his real name 


Photo Credit @Darryl.kinney

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