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Case Studies

Why finding the right property in the right place is crucial

James* wanted to be close to his family in Salford. Here is how delivery partner, Shelter, helped him achieve this.



James* had been sleeping rough on the streets of Manchester for over ten years before he was met by his engagement worker at Shelter. He last had secure accommodation in Oldham in 2002, but after his relationship broke down, James was unable to afford the rent on his own and subsequently became homeless.

During his time on the streets James’ physical health deteriorated rapidly. He soon developed Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease which caused him to catch pneumonia on several occasions, resulting in several stays in Manchester North General Hospital. James was also then diagnosed with HIV which severely damaged his immune system and left him highly susceptible to infections.

When he GM Homes Partnership team first met James, he had no benefits in place, no ID and could barely move away from where he rough slept due to his medical conditions. After several months of engaging positively with his engagement worker, James was in receipt of benefits, his birth certificate had been requested and his housing application had been completed with Shelter.

After matching with a property in Salford – James’ area of choice due to his family being based there – he moved in September 2018. Since the move the Shelter team have sourced furniture, including white goods, supported James to engage with local services and receive the medical care he desperately needs to improve his life.

James is now secure in his tenancy, his physical health is improving, and he was able to have his family visit for Christmas, something he hasn’t had for several years. His aim now is to continue to engage with the team at Shelter and work towards passing on some of things he has learned over the years as a peer mentor. He has also rekindled his love for the guitar after a member of the Shelter team donated one to him for Christmas!

*Not his real name

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