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Case Studies

Shelter Supports Employment Aspirations

Thanks to continued support with employment and training, Jason can now see a positive future ahead of him. Find out more about his story.


It can be a vicious cycle. A person loses their job, and so can’t sustain a tenancy and becomes homeless as a result. But if you don’t have an address, it can be near impossible to secure a job.

When the team at Shelter first met Jason he had spent all his adult life sofa surfing, in temporary accommodation or in prison. After meeting an engagement worker, it was clear he had a drug and alcohol dependency, and some mental health issues.

After being evicted from temporary accommodation, the engagement worker supported Jason to present as homeless with Manchester City Council. Six months later, he moved into his own tenancy for the first time in 20 years.

But support cannot stop here. Shelter helped Jason to get involved with various opportunities such as qualifications and courses to help keep him busy and gain new skills. While in his tenancy, Jason completed a road traffic management qualification and a Construction Skills Certification Scheme.

If this wasn’t enough, with the help and support of his engagement worker, Jason started volunteering with CleanStart, a voluntary programme for ex-offenders run by Trafford Housing Trust. Jason undertakes furniture recycling, removals and ground maintenance as part of this programme, and sees it as an opportunity to build his CV to help him gain employment.

In his personal life, Jason has detoxed himself off of Spice, something he says would have been impossible while in shared accommodation. He’s not returned to using other drugs while in his tenancy. He has also decorated his flat using some of his new joinery skills and takes great pride in keeping his home clean and tidy.

Thanks to the GM Homes Partnership and the support from Shelter, Jason can now see a positive future ahead of him where he can use the skills he’s gaining to become a real asset to any company.

Photo credit - Daryl Kinney

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