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Case Studies

Ryan's family story


Ryan Abrahams was referred to the SIB in May of 2018. Ryan presented as an 18 year old homeless man with significant mental health issues, minor drug use,  and he was not in receipt of any DWP benefits. He appeared on first assessment to be a very vulnerable young man, looking much younger than his years. 

Ryan was fast tracked into the SIB because of his vulnerabilities to homelessness, and, as a result of his appearance on SKY news which was an expose on homelessness.

Ryan responded very well to SIB support and was initially placed into a shared hostel in Ashton. Some nine months later the SIB was able to procure a social housing flat for him through Jigsaw Homes. We supported Ryan to get onto the right benefits and into mental health services to look into his extreme anxieties. 

With the intensive support of the SIB, Ryan went from strength to strength and he eventually met a girl, who was a friend of his friend and they became a partnership. After living together for several months they had a baby. Over seeing this the Wellbeing officer found both Ryan and his partner to be great parents and they care for all baby’s needs. 

Ryan is indeed a success of the SIB and one could only hazard a guess as to where he would be without SIB support. As a result of the SIB it is felt that Ryan is in much better place and in a position to be successful, to sustain his tenancy, and to lead a more fulfilling life.

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