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Case Studies

David's future looks bright

David was referred to the SIB in February 2018. He presented as a homeless man with substance misuse issues, mental health problems and a long history of offending. At the time of referral  David was actually working for an agency and trying his uttermost to turn his life around. However, trying to hold down a job whilst homeless became insurmountable for David and caused him to relapse into serious drug misuse. 

The GM Homes Partnership supported David into a Social Housing tenancy but this subsequently failed due to the chaos that surrounded his ongoing substance misuse problems. David, a very intelligent man, was suffering from extreme depression and could not see a way out of his current situation. After being reassured by his Housing & Wellbeing Officer that he could be supported into another tenancy, David started to engage with support and was subsequently housed in a private rented sector flat within a week. David was then supported by his SIB worker to find voluntary work with a homeless charity in Tameside which he did successfully for over eight months. 

David’s long term plans included becoming a Peer Mentor with Great Places and having access to his son. Throughout this period of change David was supported to get onto the right DWP benefits and to receive treatment for his overwhelming anxiety. Sadly all that was put in place for David to lead a more fulfilling life was interrupted by fearful intimidation from David’s former drug dealers who were now harassing him on a daily basis. 

The GM Homes Partnership saw the urgency of the situation and managed very quickly to secure a one-bedroom flat in Bolton. This opportunity was the result of collaborative work between the GM Homes Partnership and the Bond Board. 

Since his move David has gone from strength to strength. He is supported by drug and alcohol services; he is receiving treatment for his mental health; he is on the right benefits; but more importantly he has been drug free since he moved to Bolton. He has put on weight, looks very healthy and he is a model tenant. 

David’s ultimate aim was to have overnight access to his son, a proposal that his sons’ mother was amenable to should he have a spare bedroom for his son to sleep in. Happily, this became a reality for David when his housing provider moved David into a larger flat.  This would not been possible if David was not such a good tenant. 

David’s son as since had a sleepover and now spends a lot more time with his Dad. David’s future looks to be very bright. He intends to find volunteering opportunities’ in Bolton that would afford him access to training and may provide sustained responsibilities which David feels would lower his anxieties and help build his esteem.

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