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Case Studies

Shelter's Dedication Rekindles Family Relationships


Colin* came to Shelter as an independent but troubled man. Although active and mobile, Colin would get very confused and suffered memory loss. He struggled to make decisions and only engaged with Shelter very sporadically. Twenty years of substance dependency and a decade of rough sleeping, temporary accommodation and numerous custodial sentences had a severe effect on Colin. 

Colin was suffering from both mental and physical health problems, which he was unable to address due to his lifestyle and lack of appropriate services.  

Shelter helped Colin access supported accommodation as an initial intervention to get him off the streets and into somewhere safe. As a GM Homes Partnership participant, he was supported to move into his home, which he has now been living in for eight months. Shelter helped him set up his benefits and utility accounts, and to furnish the property, finally giving Colin the first stable home he’s had for a very long time. 

Colin has taken his opportunity to live in a stable home, where he can receive support for the deep-rooted issues which have arisen from many years of homelessness. Having a permanent home has triggered other success in Colin’s life; his substance dependency appears to have reduced a great deal, and he has now accessed mental health support. 

It’s been great to see how Colin has also started to rekindle his relationship with his family, which had previously broken down. His health is much better, his quality of life has significantly improved, and we all aim for Colin’s success to continue. 

*Not Colin's real name

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